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2018/05/21 Version 1.1

Small Talk Ideas, UAB collects personal data of users of their events, customers, web site visitors and event mobile app users. This Privacy Policy is addressed to individuals and organizations that use Small Talk Ideas UAB, provide services to them, or are their employer. Data can also be collected on the websites and, in events or via mobile applications.


Small Talk Ideas, UAB, Number of registration: 302350803, Address: Vilniaus g. 33, LT-01506 Vilnius, Small Talk Ideas UAB is registered in accordance with the law, which adheres to the applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union regulating the processing of personal data.The company organizes the conference Lūžio taškas, events Verslo Gurmanai and City Kalėdos, and provides all other services of event organization or can provide them in the future. 


Personal data means any information about a natural person who is identified or identifiable (the data subject); a natural person who can be identified, whose identity can be determined directly or indirectly, in particular, by the identifier, such as his name, personal identification number, location data and internet identifier, or according to one or more features of physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

Request – the data subject's request for the implementation of his rights.

Regulation  – the so-called  GDPR Regulation, 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data). 


This Privacy Policy is not an agreement of the Company with you regarding the processing of your data. This Privacy Policy of the Company informs you about the basic principles for the processing of personal data, the implementation of the rights of the data subject. Additional information may be provided in the services and in other contracts or correspondence.

By using the Company's services, submitting data, sending a CV, filling out a customer form or a request form, and by continuing to browse the site, the data subject confirms that he has read this Privacy Policy, understands its provisions and agrees with it. 


The Company processes personal data in accordance with the EU and Lithuanian laws regulating the processing of personal data.The scope of managed personal data depends on the order or use of the service and on the information that the person submits when ordering and/or using the services, visiting or signing up on the site or mobile application.

Data are only processed under the lawful processing criterion – to ensure the provision of services; with the consent of the person; When processing personal data, the Company is bound by relevant legislation; when the processing of personal data is required for the legitimate interest of the data controller or a third party.The Company seeks to ensure that personal data is processed accurately, in good faith and lawfully, only for the purposes for which it was collected, in accordance with the principles and requirements for the processing of personal data clearly and transparently laid down by law. 


Personal data can be obtained directly from the data subject who submits them when he completes a request or registration form on their website, purchases a ticket to the event or is invited to our event, sends a CV or contacts the Company in any other way; from the customer's activities, the Company's personal data processors or other external sources. Data can also be obtained from publicly available sources, such as corporate websites.Data can be generated when a person uses services, for example, by calling a phone, sending an instant message, email, ordering services, or visiting websites and completes the form of query or registration.A person is not required to provide any personal data, but it may be that certain services, such as the sale of services or billing, cannot be provided if personal data is not provided. 


We use the collected data:

(i)  to provide a high quality of Service for customers, and personalized service;

(ii)  to identify and contact customers;

(iii)  for marketing purposes on the basis of your consent: to send you newsletters, publications and information about events, social content tailored to your needs by e-mail, and keep up-to-date information available to you;

(iv)  to improve the performance of the site so that you can easily find what you are looking for;

(v)  for the purpose of your job search, on the basis of your consent, which you express to us or the employment service company by sending your CV.We undertake not to transfer your Personal data to any unrelated third parties, except in the following cases:

i) if your consent to the disclosure of Personal data is provided;

(ii)  to ensure the provision of services under the contract;

(iii)  to law enforcement institutions in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

(iv)  to our service providers (IT system maintenance companies, web page development agencies, accounting services, ticket accounting and sales, event organization companies and individuals) only with the confidentiality and data protection agreement. 


The company collects personal data on:

i) persons who submit a request for the purpose of obtaining services provided by the Company. The following data is collected: contact details of legal and natural persons, such as full name, position title, company (institution), e-mail address, postal address, telephone number;

(ii) persons who agree to receive newsletters or agree to receive our information sent by e-mail. The following data is collected: full name, company (institution), e- email address, phone number. By registering, you give your consent to the Company to collect and process your personal data in order for the Company to sends your subscribed news, publications and information about the events;

(iii)  website visitors and their IP address;

(iv)  candidates for employment or practice placement. 


We use a variety of technologies for collecting and storing information about your visitson the websites and, including cookies. Cookies help us determine the number of people who visit the website and monitor the website use. Cookies make it easier and more convenient to use the website, for example, by identifying a visitor by the name and password, providing personalized information and a better choice of language. We also use analytic cookies to determine how our customers accept our proposed services.You can set your browser not to accept cookies or warn when cookies are downloaded. If you do this, please note that part of the website and our services may not function properly. For more information on cookies and how to delete them, visit

Our web sites uses Google Analytics and other online analytics services to get the statistics of their website visits and usage that help us improve our websites and services. You can read more about Google Analytics on You may no longer send your data to Google Analytics using the following browser plugin:  


Personal data are protected against loss, unauthorized use and alteration. Physical and technical means are used to safely keep your personal data that we collect. Please note that data transmitted over the Internet is not completely secure. The company cannot guarantee full data security, but only undertakes to take all necessary steps to protect it.We will retain your data for 5 (five) years after your last use of our services or content. Personal data obtained on the basis of the consent of the data subject is protected from the moment of receiving he consent until it is withdrawn. If you withdraw the consent for the processing of data, we will only keep the fact of your given consent for 5 (five) years from the date of the end of the consent or withdrawal of consent in order to state, execute or defend the legal requirements of the Company. 


We collect and process your resume and/or cover letter and/or other information you submit for participation in the recruitment process or selection of the practice placement, on the basis of your consent which you give to us or the recruitment service company by sending us your CV.If you do not submit your resume and/or cover letter, we will not be able to assess your eligibility for the vacancy. In case you do not express your individual consent to the processing of your personal data upon termination of the employee selection, we oblige to delete or destroy your personal data within 20 working days after the employment contract is signed with the successful candidate. 


Every data subject has the following rights:

(i)  the right to know (be informed) about the processing of your personal data;

(ii)  the right to access personal data processed by the processors and the manner in which they are is processed, namely, to obtain information on the period of storage of personal data, technical and organizational measures applied to ensure data security, to obtain information from what sources, and what of one’s personal data is collected, for what purpose they are processed, to whom they are provided;

(iii)  the right to request the correction, destruction or deletion of personal data or to discontinue the processing of personal data, save for the storage, when the data are processed without complying with the legal provisions;

(iv)  the right to disagree with the processing of one’s personal data, except where such personal data are processed due to a legitimate interest pursued by the later controller or a third person to whom personal data are provided and if the interests of the data subject are not more important;

(v)  the right to demand the restriction of processing of personal data;

(vi)  the right to require that the personal data provided by him, if they are processed on the basis of his consent or contract, and if they are processed by automated means, would be forwarded by the data controller to another data controller, if this is technically feasible (data portability);

vii)  the right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

viii)  the right to withdraw the consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing of data on the basis of the consent, until the withdrawal of consent;

ix)  the right to withdraw at any time your consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.The data subject who has submitted an identity document or in accordance with the procedure established by laws or electronic means of communication, which allows a person to be properly identified, having confirmed his identity, must personally, by post, by courier or by e-mail send a written request for the implementation of his rights. The Company, upon receipt of the data subject's request, must provide an answer within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request from the data subject.In case of failure to resolve the issue with the Company, the customer has the right to contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate, which is responsible for the supervision and control of the observance of personal data protection legislation. 


The Company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time and such changes shall take effect from the day of their publication on the websites and Persons intending to use the services provided by the Company are advised to always read the latest version of the Privacy Policy. 


You can contact the Company by submitting queries, requests or comments regarding the Privacy Policy, also requesting the Company to update the information about the person or personal options. We invite you to contact on any issues by the following contacts:

Telephone: +370 687 54939

By e-mail:

By mail: Small Talk Ideas UAB, Vilniaus g. 33, LT-01506 Vilnius 

In person: Small Talk Ideas UAB, Vilniaus g. 33, LT-01506 Vilnius 

Personal data officer: Laura Mičiūnienė (contacts: +370 687 54939,