Tipping Point

Sand Piles


September 27-28, 2018


Hotel "Vanagupė", Palanga



Superia Corporate Finance Superia Corporate Finance


Nathan Hodge Nathan Hodge
Nathan Hodge
Chief of CNN bureau in Moscow
Nathan Hodge has joined CNN Moscow bureau in the beginning of 2018. He has been covering national security and military affairs for over a decade, including coverage of the Soviet Union collapse, developments in the Middle East, heading WSJ bureau in Afghanistan and service in many other hot spots. The Tipping Point 2018 starts with a session on geopolitical tendencies and Nathan Hodge will open the session about the shift of major political powers. He will also moderate a discussion about the presidency of Donald Trump and distinctive features of his management style.
Julian Lindley-French Julian Lindley-French
Julian Lindley-French
A British historian currently working on his new book 21st Century Strategy for Declining Powers
The TIPPING POINT 2018 starts with opening remarks by Julian Lindley French, a British historian and writer, currently working on his new book 21st Century Strategy for Declining Powers. Is global change accelerating and seemingly changing in ways uncomfortable for the free West? It is fashionable to suggest that the free West is in decline, the transatlantic relationship weakening. Historian thinks that the free West tends to exaggerate both the strengths of the illiberal 'Other' and what are perceived as our own weaknesses. What strategic directions business shall follow in the era of geopolitical disruption?
Mark Buchanan Mark Buchanan
Mark Buchanan
An American physicist, writer, journalist
Mark Buchanan, a US based physicist, has a gift of applying modern physics for explaining social, economic and political developments in the world. His book Ubiquity: Why Catastrophes Happen and the theory of sand piles has become the backbone theme of the TIPPING POINT 2018.
Danas Tvarijonavičius Danas Tvarijonavičius
Danas Tvarijonavičius
Founder of Roquette Amilina, Head, R&D Global Business Unit Foundation Products at Roquette Freres S.A
In a traditional hot seat session, the Tipping Point 2018 presents a person who has witnessed all possible ups and downs and despite anything has been leading his business to success, often relying on his curiosity driven scientific mind-set. Danas Tvarijonavičius, a holder of doctoral degrees both in biochemistry and medicine could be referred to as an alchemist of agriculture. He has succeeded in growing a grain of ordinary wheat into an innovative product and world-level company. What lessons Lithuanian business could learn from the merger of Lithuanian company Amilina with Roquette, the second largest starch producer in Europe?