Tipping Point


LŪŽIO TAŠKAS/TIPPING POINT 2022 is an annual conference for movers and shakers in business for 18 years in a row organized in Palanga, a Lithuanian seaside resort straight after the end of high season. It provides an excellent opportunity to escape the urban noise and dive into indeed enriching conference program and intensive networking. We highly appreciate the loyalty of our regular participants and the word of mouth that bring new people in. Though the conference is highly popular, we prefer the quality of content to the quantity of attendees and therefore we limit the number of guests to 500.

Each and every business depends on the processes happening outside the offices. Business owners and executives shall understand the turbulent world and shall be able both to mobilize and to calm down their teams. To achieve this, they need to charge their batteries, and this is what we offer in Palanga. Choosing the topic for the LŪŽIO TAŠKAS/TIPPING POINT 2022 was painful but obvious - the war against Ukraine. Therefore, the title of this year's conference is ПЕРЕЛОМНИЙ МОМЕНТ, a translation of the TIPPING POINT in Ukrainian. Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters fight day by day for their survival but we all live in the most crucial economic and political environment since regaining our independence and in a period of so many unknowns. 

Let’s meet in Palanga, again, for the 18th TIPPING POINT