Tipping Point


Ever thought about looking into the crystal ball and learning, what the future brings or how soon the crisis starts? Hold your breath!  Tipping Point 2019, the 15th annual summit of business leaders gives you a unique opportunity to look into a Crystal Ball yourself. No, we haven’t turned the Tipping Point 2019 into the future-telling parlour. On the contrary, our annual business conference, following the advice of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, last year’s keynote,  invites you to listen to the facts rather than preconceptions; to pay due respect to mathematical model of forecasting; to learn more about complexity and variety of world scenery; to check out how much of China and made in China is in the world, in your office and in your house. Furthermore, we promise a lot of practical content including best practices and advice on the management of assets, businesses and people.

Tipping Point 2019, the 15th annual summit of business leaders is held in Palanga, a seaside resort perfectly fit for a runaway from city buzz. The mind-opening content matching well with networking opportunities makes the Tipping Point 2019 the crucial meeting venue of dedicated and loyal participants. Positive feedback inspires us, critical remarks makes us think harder and encourages bringing even better speakers than the year before. Therefore, the conference gets better year by year.  However, only limiting the number of participants to 500 may ensure that you benefit most from both the content and networking. Make sure you are one of the lucky 500!