Tipping Point


The TIPPING POINT 2023 is the annual conference for business owners and executives, held for the 19th time. We are welcoming those, who take essential decisions in creating businesses to meet those, who advise owners on finances, law, business management and other vital issues. Palanga is the best place to be heard and to be understood. 

The program of the TIPPING POINT 2023 is a freeze frame of Lithuania in the world and of the world in general. What happens, why happens and where does it lead to? Where shall we seek inner strengths in these times of continuous tectonic changes? ZEITENWENDE is a German word for the turning point. Recent developments show, that in addition to the promise of change, ZEITENWENDE also means comfortable adjusting to the changes at our own speed. This might be good enough but not the best or the most efficient way to succeed. Does it apply to Lithuania, to our businesses and to our lives too? 


Let’s meet in Palanga to discuss it!


With love, care and attention to details,


The team of the TIPPING POINT 2023