Tipping Point


The TIPPING POINT 2020 focuses on a misfortune as a founding layer for the consequent stroke of fortune. Our conference is organized for business owners and CEOs, the people who have to see further than today and to be proactive rather than reactive. COVID-19 came as a huge shock to all of us and being confined to home space, we all were analysing the ongoing situation and contemplating the future. Radical times spurred radical forecasts: collapse of economies, alienation of people and the unknown new normal. After the quarantine was over, we were relieved to know that tectonic shift had not yet happened in our societies. However, the global economy is still ailing and it is yet too early to write the epicrisis of it. Nevertheless, it is the right time to analyse the lessons learnt of pandemics so that we could use them as a background for success. Was COVID-19 only a rehearsal of more serious global pandemics? Is Lithuanian health sector ready to tackle the challenges? Which direction shall the ship of Lithuanian export go? In the programme of the TIPPING POINT 2020, we have plenty of examples of inspiring misfortunes in sports, business and life that laid foundation for future strokes of fortune.

The TIPPING POINT is an annual conference for movers and shakers in business for 16 years in row organised in Palanga, Lithuanian seaside resort straight after the end of high season. It provides an excellent opportunity to escape the urban noise and to dive into indeed enriching conference programme and intensive networking. We highly appreciate the loyalty of our regular participants and the word of mouth that bring new people in. Though the conference is highly popular, as organisers we prefer quality of content to quantity of attendees and usually limit the number of guests to 500.