Tipping Point


Despite global pandemics, Lithuania’s economic growth has accelerated significantly in recent years. Lithuania made a giant leap from a developing to a fast-growing economy. The answer is in embracing everything that being LOCAL may give. We are LOCALS: understanding the price of freedom, hardworking and easily adapting to the rules of acting globally. LOCALS settle for long and, therefore, care about the legacy they leave at home, in a city, a country and to the planet. Personal wellbeing matters most while starting a business, however successful growth inevitably leads to accepting Benjamin Franklin’s challenge “Do well by doing good”. It was relevant in America 300 years ago and it is still relevant now.  Globally. Those businesses that align with a call to “do well by doing good” also meet growing expectations of maturing societies for sustainability, corporate responsibility, generosity.

The TIPPING POINT 2021 brings the best examples of sustainable businesses and success stories of Lithuanians around the world. We will focus on inflation and increasing costs of raw materials.  All together, we will try to understand how Lithuania may avoid falling into a middle-income trap.

We will start with an eye-opening forecast by a world-famous writer Parag Khanna, who warns us about forthcoming transformations of our civilisation and migration of billions that will unavoidably affect all of us including Lithuanian LOCALS, so far very keen on creating a safe European harbor.

The TIPPING POINT is an annual conference for movers and shakers in business for 17 years in row organised in Palanga, Lithuanian seaside resort straight after the end of high season. It provides an excellent opportunity to escape the urban noise and to dive into indeed enriching conference programme and intensive networking. We highly appreciate the loyalty of our regular participants and the word of mouth that bring new people in. Though the conference is highly popular, as organisers we prefer quality of content to quantity of attendees and therefore, we limit the number of guests to 500.