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Making of the legend: two decades of the TIPPING POINT: 

  • decision-makers both on the stage and in the audience
  • most urgent and relevant topics
  • unique informal atmosphere, where deals are done

All this makes the TIPPING POINT the place to be and the place to meet the most influential business owners and executives in Lithuania. From a small gathering of some businessmen two decades ago, the Tipping Point has grown into a two-day event at the seaside resort. The popularity of it has grown to such an extent that we have to limit the number of attendees to 600.

The topic of this jubilee TIPPING POINT is Anno 2024. The developments around us and topics chosen by our keynote speakers confirm that we live in times of crucial decisions. Our decisions will be shaping the outcomes of the multiple global crises. It seems that the Western civilization, despite supremacy in economy, defense, and intellectual life, chooses to avoid confrontation at any cost, and we all witness history repeating itself. This is what the first session of the first day is about. Hence, Urbi et orbi. The parallel session Silva Rerum, dedicated to inheriting and best management practices, reminds us that whatever happens - war, famine, or plague we have to keep working.

On the second day, at the session Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, we will discuss longevity and well-being.

Sports tournaments, taking place a day before the conference,  have already become a tradition of the TIPPING POINT.  This year our Citius, Altius, Fortius day will provide you with the possibility to run, play tennis, golf, and beach volleyball, and also to take part in a jubilee, 20-kilometer hike along the seaside.

We, the TIPPING POINT, are looking forward to warmly welcoming both our most loyal participants and the first-comers.