Tipping Point

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It is hard to believe that champagne sparkles, for many associating with success and luxury is also a result of a misfortune. Several generations of wine-makers from Champagne region were fighting against sparkles. Dom Pérignon, known as the godfather of champagne, was also combatting those irritating bubbles, initially considered as a flaw. It were the Brits, who contributed most to legalisation of bubbles back in the 17th century. They liked subtle wines from Champagne a lot and they liked the bubbles that had been forming due to continuous fermentation process and long-distance travel. The monarchs of France started adoring champagne from the beginning of the 18th century and that was the beginning of true success story. Having survived all kind of experiments to stabilise the bubbliness and acidity, having lived-through wars and destruction of aristocracy sparkling bubbles from Champagne region is now the most desired drink across the world.