Tipping Point


Žilvinas Mecelis

A founder of global investment team Covalis Capital, a patron of different initiatives

Before the breakout of COVID-19 Žilvinas Mecelis was known only in closed financial circles. During the pandemics he has become widely known across Lithuania for his very generous and so far the biggest private donation (250.000 euros) for tackling coronavirus. Ž.Mecelis was born in Lithuania, studied and got his investment know-how in the United States. In the meantime, he has settled in Spain and embraced the values and virtues of the Western world: successful people shall help their country of origin financially and otherwise. Žilvinas Mecelis walks the talk and will share his advise about improving business climate and economic sustainability in Lithuania with the participants of the TIPPING POINT 2021.

  • Best economic sustainability solutions for Lithuania
  • What should taxation policy be like in a postpandemic world
  • Why sharing matters