Tipping Point


Vaidotas Urbelis

Policy Director at the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, an author of the book “Security Community of the United States – what is it like and how to deal with it?”

Vaidotas Urbelis has more than 20 year experience in making Lithuanian defence policy. In addition to policymaking, he has belonged to academia – has been teaching at Vilnius University, Military Academy of Lithuania, writing academic papers. After three years spent at the Lithuanian Embassy in the United States, he decided to sum up his experience in a book. How to best represent the interest of Lithuania in the capital of US, how to avoid the trap of a humble pleader and how to gain reputation of a partner with an added value – all this is discussed in his book. Insights by V.Urbelis are universal, his knowledge about American way of communication, professional ethics and cultural taboos are of great use to anybody.