Tipping Point


Steen Jakobsen

Saxo Bank Chief Economist, Chief Investment Officer

For the last two decades, Steen Jakobsen is in charge of steering investment strategy of a Danish Saxo Bank. He keeps an eye on the most recent developments in global politics and economics, market fluctuations and policies of central banks – on all the factors of (un) successful investments. As the head of SaxoStrats team, Steen Jakobsen is in charge of the famous end-of-the-year Outrageous Predictions.  His provoking insights, most often questioning the established consensus, cause heated discussions among the experts of global markets and attract media attention. A Danish economist is a frequent guest at CNBC or Bloomberg News.

  • Will central banks manage the inflation?
  • Is there an end to the growing prices of raw materials?
  • How to save ones money from deflation