Tipping Point


Rory Sutherland


Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, one of the most renowned advertising agencies in the world

Rory Sutherland has a professional passion to pair up with a team of psychologists and be the first, who identifies behavioral changes, the real clients’ needs and forecasts their decisions. He chooses to question self-explanatory truths and looks for answers that are more complex - because there is always a crowd centring on self-explanatory truths and your competitors might be there too. Rory Sutherland keeps an eye on Lithuania‘s progress and promises us a bright future. However, on one condition: if we succeed in remaining LOCALS but do our best in understanding global rules of the game.

  • The future is both very local and very global - especially if you speak English
  • Lithuania‘s chance to develop specialisms and a national brand
  • The new moonshots – psychological or technological?