Tipping Point


Aleksandr Sorokin

The 100-mile and 24-hour running world champion

We are always excited to host local speakers of international fame. At The Tipping Point 2021 we present Aleksandr Sorokin, a Lithuanian ultra-runner, who broke two world records in April 2021. At this year‘s British Centurion Running Track 100 he reached a magnificent double by setting a new world record both in 100 miles (160,93 km) and 12-hours trails in addition to his title of the 24-hour 2019 world champion. Aleksandr is a living proof that human body supported by will has no limits. His story also proves that patience and endurance may be rewarded with setting a world record regardless of age.

  • How to turn losses into the fuel for the future wins
  • The tipping points on the trails of ultra-running
  • How does it feel to be unrivalled in the world?