Tipping Point


After months of uncertainty, we feel very confident to organise the TIPPING POINT 2021 as usually, in live format. Many of us, including the partners of the TIPPING POINT and most loyal participants were cautious about having the conference live last year. However, this year we have no doubts - most of us missed human and face-to-face business interaction the most during the quarantine. Growing vaccination rates and natural cycles of the pandemics make us hopeful about safe and calm autumn. However, certain restrictions and safety requirements might still be at place:

  • DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE. The conference will be held inside, therefore we expect all the participants to have a validdigital COVID certificate. However, we will provide a possibility to have a rapid antigen test for those not having a valid certificate (test results available in 20 minutes).
  • VENUE. The Tipping Point 2021 will take place in Palanga Concert Hall and Kurhauzas - both venues offer more than enough physical distancing possibilities. To avoid excessive crowding, we offer seated lunch and dinner with service at the tables this year. The traditional TIPPING POINT concert and after party will take place in an area meant for big concerts at Palanga Concert Hall. 
  • MASKS and DESINFECTION. We will ensure proper ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of all the premises. If the requirement to wear masks inside the premises is still at place during the conference, wearing a single-use mask will be mandatory. We will provide the masks for all the participants. 
  • CANCELLING PARTICIPATION. We promise our flexibility should you need to cancel your participation due to pandemic situation or health concerns. We guarantee money return even for last minute cancelations on the day of the conference.

Stay safe and looking forward to welcoming all of you in Palanga!