Tipping Point



September 21-22, 2017


Hotel "Vanagupė", Palanga



M&A International Mecenatas


Nassim Nicholas Taleb Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Essayist, scholar, risk analyst
If you have read “The Black Swan”, there should be no questions asked why TIPPING POINT conference “Signals” will have N. N. Taleb as a keynote speaker. We are proud to present this distinguished speaker but we can introduced him only by his own words - N. N. Taleb refuses all honors and anything that "turns knowledge into a spectator sport". N.N. Taleb spent 21 years as a risk taker (quantitative trader) before becoming a researcher in philosophical, mathematical and (mostly) practical problems with probability. N. N. Taleb is the author of a multivolume essay, the “Incerto” (“The Black Swan”, “Fooled by Randomness”, and “Antifragile”) covering broad facets of uncertainty. It has been translated into 36 languages. N. N. Taleb is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. His current focus is on the properties of systems that can handle disorder ("antifragile").
Pippa Malmgren Pippa Malmgren
Pippa Malmgren
Analyst, writer, co-founder of H Robotics
She predicted the financial crisis. She predicted Brexit. She predicted Trump. Now Pippa Malmgren shares the signals that will protect you from the new surprise. The keynote speaker of the second day in TIPPING POINT is a bestselling author of “Signals” and “Geopolitics for Investors”, who also advised President George W. Bush on Economic Policy. She is an inspiring speaker drawing our attention to diversity of things: economy, according to Pippa Malgrmen, is all around us - in official statistics, growth indicators but also in a chocolate bar or a model on Vogue magazine. And last but not least: an exceptional gift for participants in TIPPING POINT - a bestseller “Signals” with author’s signature!
Viktoras Butkus Viktoras Butkus
Viktoras Butkus
Scientist, pioneer of biotechnology business in Lithuania, patron of the arts
After having successfully sold his business, Viktoras Butkus has proved that money is just a measure for achieving higher goals. So what was that special signal that led him to the idea to return part of the capital gained to Lithuania by building the museum of contemporary Lithuanian art? And why his wife Danguole and he have chosen a difficult path of patronising arts? This session will be an opportunity to talk to the biggest patron of the arts in Lithuania about his incentives for sharing and to learn about his further plans.
Marius Jurgilas Marius Jurgilas
Marius Jurgilas
Economist, Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania
What developments in Scandinavian economy signal to the Baltics about forthcoming changes, not necessarily the positive ones? Marius Jurgilas points to Lithuania's dependence on the "health" of Scandinavian banks and makes it very clear – ignorance of any signal might be crucial to our well-being. So what do we choose: nourishing ourselves with knowledge and analysis oriented to the usual economic and social bubble we all live in or listening to irritating and uncomfortable prognosis?